One thought on “Episode 38 “Misplaced Sympathy”

  1. Hi! I had a sudden need to know “whatever happened to Jonathan Katz?” And it turns out that you have been making a podcast — a secret podcast, judging from the number of comments — yet hidden in plain sight.

    I’m enjoying myself very much listening to the back catalog, but I have the weird suspicion that I’ve uncovered a secret treasure trove nobody else has ever found.

    If I had to guess why nobody but me has ever heard these podcasts, I’d have to say it’s because everybody assumes you died. I mean, that’s kind of what I assumed. “Oh, he had that hit TV show, and then … I guess he died? Not sure why else he would have stopped… wait, wasn’t he on a talk show after that? Hmm… well, there was a funny bald guy on a talk show, I remember that much.” But I am very glad to find you aren’t dead.

    Thanks for making these — just for me! — and I look forward to whatever you do next.

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