“HEY WE’RE BACK!” Episode 15

Once in a while I show up at a stand-up gig but when I get there I am clearly not who they had in mind.

About a year ago I visited an old college friend in a South American jungle. He was there to study the mating habits of an endangered insect. I was determined to surprise him and in the process I crushed the very thing he had been studying for several years. I still cannot give up on the friendship so I finally coaxed him into meeting me for a drink on NYC’s Upper West Side.

My cartoon son Ben, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, dropped in on me after work one day. He wanted to talk to me about a business venture.

By the way, happy anniversary. One year of HEY WE’RE BACK and going strong.

Thanks for listening.

Special thanks to Dana Friedman, Lou Viola, and Chad Matheny

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