“HEY WE’RE BACK!” Episode 2

In week two I take a brief trip into my past in search of an old friend. Then I try and lend a helping hand to the medical industry working with the theory that even more difficult than getting bad medical news is giving bad medical news .

One of my musical heroes is Barry White. We met backstage one night in NYC, we hit it off and he invited me to call…he also gave me permission to record the conversation. He is not who you think he is.

Finally I gave computerized therapy a shot with mixed results. I tried this at the suggestion of family and friends who think I spend too much time alone.

Next week I am planning a reunion with a college friend, Sandy Briscoe, a naturalist who has been studying the mating habits of an endangered insect found only in a remote part of Brazil and finally the much anticipated visit from Bob Dylan.

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