“HEY WE’RE BACK!” Episode 22

In this episode I pay a visit to a dentist. I learn, once again, that my comedy is not for everybody. She feels the same way about my teeth, but is surprised to learn that my comedy comes with a fee attached.

Then I try once again to heal the wound I created in the heart of my friend Sandy Briscoe. He is the British entomologist whose research I interrupted not so long ago.

Several years ago I managed a high-end audio store in New York City. Even then, people thought my hiring practices were unusual.
Better Safe Than Sorry is a radio show I created about an overcautious detective. In this episode he really rises to the occasion without putting himself in harm’s way.

The actors featured in this episode are Wren Ross, Maggie Surovell, Beth Oblongato (as the saleswoman), and author Jonathan Wilson.

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Katz

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